Oluria is a revolutionary and classy take on a designer fashion and intimate apparel boutique.

We have five niche products, which include custom designed stilettos, unique lingerie, a hand chosen-designer-exclusive fashion line, fashion accessories and high-end love-novelty merchandise.

We are combining “old-school Hollywood” glamour with “new-school” trending styles to bring back the simplicity of lace and the daringness of leather. This risqué medley creates a whole new level of provocative sophistication.

Our brand of style, class and chic trends has set out to turn the fashion and glamour industry upside down, with one-of-a-kind shoes and apparel that convey that a woman can be wildly bold, sexy and classy, without judgement or apologies.

If Marilyn Monroe were to wear today’s fashion, she would have grace and poise while dripping tantalizing desire. She would be labeled a sex symbol for her mind and body, without shame of being a powerful, attractive woman. That is the vibe of Oluria!

Our hand crafted and hand chosen items center around a woman feeling good about being in her own skin. From Heels, to lingerie, to accessories, every woman feels beautiful and special with Oluria.